Proven Tips For Stay At Home Mom Going Back To Work

Proven Tips For Stay At Home Mom Going Back To Work

If you are a stay at home mom going back to work, then it must be exciting and overwhelming. Whether you took time off to pursue further education, take care of your children, or deal with personal circumstances, the prospect of re-entering the workforce can be daunting. However, with the right mindset, preparation, and strategies, […]

10 Smart Questions To Ask Recruiter Before Interview

Smart Questions To Ask Recruiter Before Interview

Want to know what question to ask before interview to help you in the preparation process? Then, this article is for you. Usually, you will be preparing answers for your job interview right before attending one. That’s only natural as an interview is the best chance for you to prove that you are the perfect […]

Guide For One Way Interviews With Everything You Need to Know

One Way Interviews Guide

It is common for applicants to undergo a pre-screening process before getting scheduled for an interview. While using phones to do preliminary interviews is common, it needs companies to have a team of people. Thus, with the increase in technology, organizations are going for automated pre-screening methods. One way interview or one-way video interview is […]

10 Intangible Skills That Sets You Apart From Other Candidates

10 Intangible Skills That Sets You Apart From Other Candidates

What sets you apart from others candidates? is a question that an interviewer asks to learn about the intangible skills that make you stand out. So, you need to answer the question carefully as it can be a deciding factor on whether to hire you or not. From the assessment of Wonderlic, it is revealed […]

Find Out Why Employers Give No Response Right After The Interview

Why Employers Give No Response Right After The Interview

You went through the interview process for a job you really want. Your answers were perfect and your test went well. But even 1 week after interview no response is sent.  It could get really frustrating to wait for the interview result as you don’t know whether to proceed with other job applications or not. […]

10 Best Places to Work Remotely

places to work remotely

Working remotely gives you great flexibility and you do not have to deal with commuting from home to office and office to home. However, staying at home all the time can badly affect your mental and physical health. Hence, it is always best to go out occasionally. Getting sunlight, doing physical activities, and having human […]

Here’s What To Do While Waiting For Interview Results

remote jobs

Finally, you completed the job interview part. Now, you cannot wait to hear whether you are hired or not. But, this waiting time can be days, weeks, or months. The longer it takes, the more anxious you get. So, what to do? Should you reach out to the HR or hiring manager of the company? […]

How To Answer Data Entry Interview Questions (With 10 Examples)

data entry interview questions and answers

The data entry job may not seem like rocket science but it is not a walk in the park either. Data entry specialists need to research, collect information, record data and update enterprise databases. Thus, the recruiter asks the kind of questions that relay your hard skills like typing speed, and basic data structure knowledge, […]

Remote Customer Service Resume Example & Writing Guide

Resume Preparation

Customer service representatives manage client requests and product or service issues. Since you are one, you know that the client support agent represents the enterprises at the most basic level. So, you need to present a qualifiable resume to get selected. Especially for work from jobs, you need a resume that showcases your reliable skills […]

How to Respond to “Why Do You Want to Work Remotely?”

Recruiters need to see that you are not looking for remort work just to slack off. Also, they want to know if you are suitable for the work-from-home job. That is where the question “Why do you want to work remotely?” comes. You cannot respond to this question with silly answers like “I just want […]


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