Five Best Telecommute Jobs to Look for in 2022


Remote working, albeit on the rise pre-pandemic, has been traditionally restricted to a select few sectors.

However, 2020 marked a historic shift in the way professionals around the world worked. Now more people than ever are adapting and looking forward to telecommuting jobs than ever before. 

For instance, Statista data shows, while just 17% of workers were entirely remote five days a week before the pandemic, 44% were fully remote five days a week by April 2021.

While the number of remote employees may decline from these historic highs, Upwork, a freelance marketplace, projects that by 2025, at least 22% of workers will be working entirely from home, representing an 87% rise from pre-pandemic levels.

Hence, it is clear, all the data points to one unanimous future – an explosion of demand for remote or telecommute jobs. 

If you’ve been considering switching jobs to one that allows you to work from home, or if you’re considering a career shift in the future, now is an excellent time to look into your remote work alternatives.


Best Telecommuting Jobs of 2022

As industries globally gear up to run the economic engine as fast as possible, here are the five best telecommuting jobs to look forward to for 2022:


1. Customer Service Representative

National Average Salary:  $33,034 per year

Job profile: A customer service representative is entrusted with the responsibility of solving customer queries and delivering a great customer experience. Considered as one of the most important aspects of businesses, customer service roles are a great career opportunity for a variety of reasons. Not only do they pay well but also help inculcate confidence and good interpersonal skills. 

All companies have a dedicated customer service team for grievance redressals in order to ensure a lasting and effective customer experience, which ultimately leads to repeat purchases.

People who want to work remotely and prefer to look at life from a larger perspective by helping solve other people’s problems should definitely consider giving a shot to customer service jobs.


2. Virtual Assistant

National Salary Average: $19.68 per hour

Job profile: A virtual assistant is another hot and happening career option in 2021 for people who prefer working remotely. Virtual assistants strike the ideal blend between cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

The role of every virtual assistant may differ, depending upon the firm or the person who hires them. However, there are some definitive jobs or work components that should be expected. A virtual assistant will almost always assist the employer virtually, and work as a support in handling different tasks. 

Some of these job profiles could be organizing files, answering calls on their behalf, replying to emails, booking travel and hotel arrangements, preparing statements, coordinating with the other team members in case of need, managing schedules or calendars, etc. 

Basically, a virtual assistant completely takes the load off of administrative tasks for their employer, helping them focus better on other core work-related aspects. People who love to multitask and juggle a variety of responsibilities at the same time can turn out to be great virtual assistants.


3. Chat Assistant

National Salary Average: $26,702 per year

Job profile: In the digital era, customers expect instant reverts for all their queries, and this need can be best met by a virtual chat assistant. While most customer service roles may be customer-facing or require telephonic communications, a virtual chat assistant responds to customer queries via online chats. 

Almost every good company today has a live chat support option where customers resolve their complex queries about the product or service being offered by them. 

Chat assistant is a trending telecommute job and is best suited to people who may not be as comfortable talking on the phone as they are replying to chats. 

A virtual assistant requires quick turnaround times, must be a self-starter, and have good communication and written skills. The person should also have good written (grammar) skills in order to reply correctly and accurately.


4. Virtual Email Support

National Salary Average: $35,319 per year

Job profile: Writing good and attractive emails is a knack that is rare, so people who can compose magnetic email copies can get paid really well. 

The email marketing industry has grown tremendously and is in fact rising by the day. According to Statista, the global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 which is expected to further increase to a whopping $17.9 billion by 2027!

Every business today has a robust email marketing strategy in place for attracting new customers as well as retaining existing ones. But most companies are looking for virtual email assistants who can assist them in all their outbound email requirements, making it a popular remote job.

People who can write compelling emails or extremely clickable subjects, should go all out and apply for a virtual email assistant role. The critical requirement is that you must be able to write really good emails. 


5. Social Media Manager

National Salary Average:  $71,067 per year

Job profile: Social media is a critically essential part of businesses today, especially in the covid-era. With physical locations shutting down and reopening with restricted access, having a robust social media strategy is the need of the hour. 

A virtual social media manager handles all social media accounts of the business such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and helps run different online campaigns successfully. 

The person needs to take on the responsibility of responding to comments on all their online portals and make sustainable efforts to grow an online community of people around the brand.

Social media manager jobs are best suited to people who are creative thinkers, can think out of the box, and have an eye for the current market trends.

We hope the above list of telecommuter jobs gives a good essence of what one can expect in the world of remote working for the upcoming year of 2022.


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