CareerBuilder Statistics and Revenue

CareerBuilder statistics underline its 25-year legacy of empowering employers and job seekers. With innovative recruitment, talent management, and screening solutions, backed by Apollo Global Management (NYSE: APO), CareerBuilder operates globally, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

In fact, CareerBuilder covers 82% of the US workforce which makes it one of the largest job sites in the United States. Moreover, 137 out of 150 staffing agencies rely on CareerBuilder for their hiring requirements.

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CareerBuilder Key Stats 2024

CareerBuilder User Statistics 2024


CareerBuilder Key User Stats

  • Currently, CareerBuilder receives 175 million annual visits from over 41M job seekers.
  • Based on the average of the last 3 months (March, April, and May), CareerBuilder was visited by 6.3 million people.
  • In May 2023, CareerBuilder had 6.1 million visitors.
  • In 2014, CareerBuilder’s Talent Network had 45M members.

Source: CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder Monthly Visitors

In May 2023, the number of CareerBuilder users reached 6.1 million. On average, it had 6.3 million visitors per month. In January 2011, 25.7M + users visited CareerBuilder.

CB Monthly Visitors

Source: Similarweb, CareerBuilder Press

How Many Users Visit CareerBuilder in a Year?

Currently, CareerBuilder attracts 41 million job seekers and 175 million visits per year. In 2010, CareerBuilder had over 22M unique visitors and it increased to 24M in 2013.

YearUnique Visitors (in Millions)

Source: CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder Press, CareerBuilder Press 2013, CareerBuilder Press 2009

How Many People Are Actively Using CareerBuilder?

As of May 2023, CareerBuilder has 90M active job seekers.

Source: CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder User Demographics

On, the gender distribution of the audience is 51.24% male and 48.76% female. The most significant segment of visitors falls within the age range of 25 to 34 years old.

CB User Demographics

Source: Similarweb

CareerBuilder Revenue

In 2022, CareerBuilder achieved its highest revenue peak of $714 million. CareerBuilder annual revenue in 2016 was also $714 million.

In 2010, CareerBuilder’s North American network generated a revenue of $556 million, reflecting a 3% increase compared to the previous year, 2009.

Source: Zippa, Wikipedia, CareerBuilder Press

What is CareerBuilder Market Cap?

CareerBuilder doesn’t have any market cap as it is a privately owned company and is not listed on any stock exchange.

CareerBuilder Website Traffic 2024


CareerBuilder Marketing Channel Distribution

Direct traffic is the primary source of visitors to, accounting for 46.84% of desktop visits. Following behind is Organic Search, which contributes 22.02% of the website’s traffic.

CB Marketing Channel Distribution

Source: Similarweb

CareerBuilder Social Media Traffic Distribution

With 44.86%, Linkedin is the leading social media platform driving the majority of social media traffic to, followed by Youtube and Facebook at 25.26% and 12.55% respectively.

CareerBuilder Social Media Traffic Distribution

Source: Similarweb

How Many People Follow CareerBuilder?

Now, in total, 1.4M people follow CareerBuilder on their socials.

Source: CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder Traffic Distribution by Country

93.98% of CareerBuilder’s traffic comes from the United States, while less than 1% of the traffic comes from other countries.

CountryTraffic Percentage
United Kingdom0.44%

CareerBuilder Traffic Distribution by Country

Source: Similarweb

CareerBuilder Analytics & Hiring Statistics 2024


  • CareerBuilder has access to 3,200+ company career sites which was only 1,000 websites in the year 2000.
  • Its database includes 150M candidate profiles.
  • It has at least 80 million job applicants at a time.
  • Through their HCM platform, CareerBuilder served over 1 million employers.
  • CareerBuilder total employers are over 300,000 in 2009.
  • At least 3M jobs are posted every month. In 2011, CareerBuilder had only 1M jobs.
YearNumber of Jobs (in Million)

Source: CareerBuilder, About CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder Pricing, CareerBuilder Press, CareerBuilder Press 2013, CareerBuilder Press 2009

CareerBuilder Resume Database

In 2011, the CareerBuilder resume database had 40M resumes which increased to 50M in 2013.

YearNumber of Resumes (in Millions)

Source:CareerBuilder Press, CareerBuilder Press 2013, CareerBuilder Press 2009

What Kind of Data Does CareerBuilder Use For Analytics?

CareerBuilder has access to the following data which it aggregates to deliver better analytical data reports to help you in your recruitment process.

  • CareerBuilder has 21 billion occupation-related data points. Plus, 128M compensation data points from 1,000 industries.
  • 150M of US workforce records is acquired from 43,000 markets.
  • Over the last 5 years, it collected 2 billion job postings from 19,500 sites.
  • Aggregated 55 million college graduates’ data from 10,000+ institutions.

In 2011, CareerBuilder had access to around 9,000 websites which increased to 10,000 websites in 2013.

Source: CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder Resources, CareerBuilder Press, CareerBuilder Press

CareerBuilder User Reviews

CareerBuilder is featured in 25,000+ new stories every year. 

Now, as per Trustpilot, the CareerBuilder website is worth ⭐2/5 ratings. Though on average it has a rating of ⭐4.2/5 over 20,747 user reviews.

CareerBuilder Reviews

Source: CareerBuilder, Trustpilot

CareerBuilder Positive and Negative Review Ratio

If we categorize ⭐1-2 as negative reviews and ⭐3-5 as positive reviews, CareerBuilder has 82% of positive reviews and 18% of negative reviews.

CareerBuilder Company Information

Founded in 1995, CareerBuilder is a global company that offers both software products and services that specialize in helping employers find, hire, and manage talented employees. This includes recruiting, employment screening, and human capital management. 

Additionally, CareerBuilder is the largest AI-powered hiring solutions provider and serves the majority of Fortune 500 companies in 5 specialized markets. With innovative software and top-notch services, CareerBuilder caters to businesses of all sizes, including both major corporations and smaller enterprises.

As of 2015, CareerBuilder has a presence in 60 markets around the world. Not only that, it offers Talent Network services in 29 different languages.

Source: LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder Press

Who Owns CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder ownership was transferred to Apollo Global Management (including its affiliated Funds) and Ontario Teachers in 2017. Though, its previous owners, TEGNA, Tribune, and McClatchy hold minor interests.

Source: CareerBuilder Press

How Many Employees Does CareerBuilder Have?

The number of CareerBuilder employees is 3,000 which was 1,700 in 2010. And, CareerBuilder’s average salary in the USA and in other countries is $63,278 per year.

Source: Zippa, SEC

Is CareerBuilder a Good Place to Work?

CareerBuilder is recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by Chicago Tribune, ComputerWorld, and Glassdoor.

Source: CareerBuilder

How Much Does CareerBuilder Cost?

CareerBuilder pricing plans for small businesses are publicly available. But for enterprise products and pricing information, you need to contact their team and book a demo. Now, CareerBuilder pricing plans are as follows:

Pricing PlanChargesBilling Cycle5-day Free Trial
Pay As You Go$425Once

Let’s look at the limitations of each plan.

  • Pay As You Go: Only 1 job posting is available for 12 months. You can purchase more job postings if you need them. It allows 10 resume actions/ day, employer branding is limited to 10 postings/day and you may send job boost emails to 35 candidates only.
  • Lite: All the limitations are the same as Pay As You Go plan, except that Lite supports 1 job posting/month.
  • Standard: Includes 3 job postings/month, 30 resume actions/day, employer branding to 30 postings/day, and you can send job boost emails to 100 candidates.
  • Pro: Supports employee branding to 40 postings/day, 50 resume actions/day, and 5 job postings/month. You can deliver job boost emails to a maximum of 150 candidates.

Source: CareerBuilder Pricing

CareerBuilder Competitors


CareerBuilder vs Monster

Monster is a job search platform that allows job seekers to explore multiple opportunities. Additionally, it offers products such as resume builder and career advice. Simply put, CareerBuilder combines job posting with advanced hiring solutions for employers.

Both Monster and CareerBuilder have decades of experience as Monster was founded in 1994 and CareerBuilder in 1995.

Monster Vs CareerBuilder Stats

  • In May 2023, Monster had 7.2M visitors and CareerBuilder had 6.1M visitors.
  • 48.11% of females and 51.89% of males use, while 48.76% of females and 51.24% of males use
  • CareerBuilder consists of 3,000 employees and Monster comprises 5,296 employees.

Source: Similarweb, Statista

CareerBuilder vs ZipRecruiter

CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter are both prominent job search platforms, but they offer different features and approaches. 

CareerBuilder provides a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions, including job postings and applicant tracking systems. ZipRecruiter focuses on simplifying the job search process with its streamlined interface and automated job-matching technology. 

ZipRecruiter Vs CareerBuilder Stats

  • ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010 and CareerBuilder in 1995.
  • In 2022, CareerBuilder reached its peak revenue of $714 million and ZipRecruiter achieved a peak revenue of $239.9 million.
  • During May 2023, ZipRecruiter received 38.7M user visits, while CareerBuilder had 6.1M visitors.

Source: HomeJobsHub, Similarweb

CareerBuilder Vs Indeed

CareerBuilder and Indeed are two popular recruitment platforms with their own unique strengths.

CareerBuilder offers a wide range of job listings and additional recruitment services for employers, while Indeed boasts a vast database of job opportunities from various sources. Both platforms provide user-friendly interfaces and powerful search functionalities to help job seekers find suitable positions.

Indeed Vs CareerBuilder Stats

  • Indeed was launched in 2004 and CareerBuilder was founded in 1995.
  • Indeed has over 14,600 employees whereas CareerBuilder has 3,000 employees.
  • In May 2023, 632.6M users visited while 6.3M users visited CareerBuilder’s website.

Source: Similarweb, HomeJobsHub


In conclusion, CareerBuilder continues to be a prominent player in the job search industry, with impressive revenue and usage statistics. With a reported peak revenue of $714.0 million in 2022, CareerBuilder has established itself as a leading platform for job seekers and employers alike. 

The platform attracts a significant user base, with 41 million yearly visitors and 3M job postings across various industries. As CareerBuilder maintains its position as a trusted and reliable resource for job search and recruitment, it remains an influential force in shaping the employment landscape.


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